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  • Enforcement of a NO MASK, NO ENTRY! entry policy.

  • MANDATORY "Contact Tracing", Customer's  Health checklist form manually or Online register before ENTRY! in case contact tracing becomes necessary. 

  • Employees & Customer's with a temperature  of more than 37.5 C, or a cough,  colds or shortness of breath shall not be allowed inside the restaurant.

  • Daily recording of Employees attendance temperature upon entering before and after work shift.

  • Daily reports and records to be kept on system for a minimum of 60 days.

  • Touchless sanitizer dispensers installed at restaurant entry.

  • Hand washing facilities readily available within guest bathrooms

  • All Menus shall be Contact Less or physical lists sanitized after each use.

  • All employees to wash and sanitize hands for all shifts and breaks.

  • All employees to avoid skin-to-skin contact with guests and other staff.

  • All employees are to observe 2.00 meters social distancing whenever possible.

  • Hand sanitizer will be accessible for guests.

  • The proper use of masks & gloves, should they be used, will be monitored by the roving Supervisors.

  • Sanitation checklists will be updated & circulated for all outlets as they change.

  • Wine bottles, once opened, will be poured by guests, with instruction if needed.

  • Supervisor's will be monitored Health Protocols daily.

  • Kitchen employees will limit access into the food preparation area by delivery agents.

  • Dishes after washing mush be handled with clean, washed hands.



  • Indoor & Outdoor dining, ensure the premises is sufficient to allow for at least 1.00 meter of space for each person, including employess.

  • No maximum number of guests per table or booking.

  • Customer's will be strongly encouraged to reserve tables where possible.

  • Customer's will be encouraged to enjoy outdoor seating.

  • Face to face seating allowed only with proper dividers.

  • To minimize table movement and apply floor stickers.

  • Post signage, flow stickers & social distancing floor markings for guidance of clients in queuing, preferably color coded reminders to minimize unnecessary contact where applicable.

  • Individual customers or groups of customers must be seated 2.00 meters apart.

  • Servers may take table orders 2.00 meters away.


  • Employees and guest bathrooms at 45 minute intervals, sanitizing of all surfaces

  • Tables & chairs, sanitize after each guest seating.

  • Employees involved in deep cleaning will be encouraged to wear gloves & masks provided.

  • Requiring the placing of floor mat or foot bath with disinfectant.

  • Garbage containers will be lined with plastic garbage bags.



  • Take orders through phone calls, emails or any online mode.

  • Establish designated pick-up zones for customers to help maintain social distancing.

  • Include vehicles and drivers in cleaning, hygiene and wearing of mask protocols.


  • We recommend and encourage tap or mobile payment methods.

  • Cash transactions, avoid if applicable.

  • Provision of small trays for accepting cash.



  • Mandatory Contact Tracing Registration QR Code. 

  • Contact Less Menu QR Code.

  • Safety Dine In and Outdoor Guidelines.

  • Hand washing and sanitizing instructions.

  • Social distancing instructions.

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